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High quality product, I have found my energy and my skin is radiant.
Chantal - Teangle Customer

Teangle "Besties" Matcha Bundle

“Teamwork makes the dream work” and if your dream is to become the best version of yourself, bringing your best friend along for the ride is the way to do it! After all, happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it. Keep things fun & fresh with our Bestie Pack; 4 bags of our most popular teas, 2 cute spoons and 2 gorgeous bottles. So you've decided you want to shed some weight and you're determined to make this work?! Teangle Fat Burning matcha will be your best sidekick. Then, move up a gear with our Brain Power matcha, and summon your inner Albert Einstein. Packed in our beautiful green box adding a little delight to each and every order.

Specifications :

- x2 Teangle Matcha Spoon

- x2 Teangle Matcha Bottle

- x2 Teangle Fat Burning Matcha ( 30 portions)

- x2 Teangle Brain Power Matcha (30 portions)

- 3 calories per serving

- Mixes instantly in hot or cold water

*Includes Free Express Shipping

Improves Productivity

Reduce Stress

Increase Energy


It’s Easy, Delicious & Makes You Feel Amazing!


No more tea bags, infusion time or boiling water... Teangle tea fits your busy lifestyle. It takes less than 10 seconds to prepare. Simply add our powder in hot or cold water, shake it or mix it and voilà.

All Natural

Harmful chemicals, artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives and added sugar are a big NONO. We use ingredients that are safe and that have been used for centuries.

Real Benefits

In order to get the research proven benefits of green tea you usually need to drink ridiculous amounts. Teangle has 10x the benefits of green tea. Meaning, you only need to drink 1-2 cups per day.

What makes the magic happen?

What's Inside?

No Artificial Flavourings, Real Natural Ingredients that Work

Japanese Matcha

Japanese Matcha is jam-packed with nutrients and vitamins waiting to flow through your body and strengthen everything from your energy to the strands of your hair. It plays an important role in cognitive performance, mental focus and stress reduction.


Can improve your learning ability and memory. Cinnamon is effective in preventing as well as delaying diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.


Helps protect brain cells from free radical damage.


Is a stress-reducing super-food! It also helps strengthen memory.


Helps oxygen reach the brain, which improves cognitive performance.


Stimulates the brain and wards off stress and lack of energy.


Stevia is essentially calorie- and carb-free. It may also help you manage your blood sugar.

How it is made

1 Shade grown tea leaves in Uji, Japan

2 Carefully Handpicked

3 Steamed & air dried

4 Graded for texture & Taste

5 De-stemmed & de-veined

6 Stone ground to fine powder

7 Blended with other natural ingredients

8 Shipped by plane to Quebec

9 Freshly delivered to your door


Unlike coffee or energy drinks, Teangle gives you clean, Long lasting energy for 4 to 6 hours


1 Serving of Teangle Matcha is equivalent to 10 Cups of Green Tea in term of nutrients


Ready to drink in less than a minute

Our customers love Teangle