Teangle Cooking & Recipe Matcha

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There are no rules on only being allowed to drink Matcha, so why not try something a little different? Teangleโ€™s Cooking Matcha will bring a rich aroma, a touch of freshness and mouthfuls of health benefits to your culinary creations. Not to mention that matcha will also give a vibrant green hue to your cooking!ย 

Teangle matcha is so versatile that you can use it in a number of different recipes that are bound you get you drooling - ice cream, lattes, smoothies, cookies, popcorn, the possibilities are limitless!


Improves Productivity

Reduce Stress

Increase Energy


Perfect for cooking

Make a smoothie or bake a cake

Matcha Benefits

How it helps

โœ“ It can help in weight loss

โœ“ It strengthens the immune system

โœ“ It reduces stress

โœ“ It can help fight cancer

โœ“ It cleanses the body

โœ“ It enhances mood


1 Serving of Teangle Matcha is equivalent to 10 Cups of Green Tea in term of nutrients