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Frequently Asked questions

Teangle Matcha does contain caffeine. 1 serving of Teangle Matcha = Approximately 1/2 the amount of caffeine that you will find in a standard cup of black coffee. Despite the low levels of caffeine, Teangle Matcha provides clean energy and mental clarity for up to 4-6 hours. This is due to an active ingredient found in matcha known as “L-Theanine”. A major downside of coffee is that it provides you with a quick “boost” of energy due to its high caffeine content, but shortly afterwards you experience a crash, making you feel drowsy. Coffee also reduces your sensibility to insulin which makes you store more FAT-“YIKES!”! If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to coffee, give Teangle Matcha a try ! You’ll have clean energy and a wide range of health benefits such as fat loss, better mood, glowing hair and skin and much more! All without the jitters, anxiety, increased heart rate and blood pressure that is associated with drinking coffee.

Since Teangle Matcha contains very low levels of caffeine and natural ingredients with no known harmful effects when consuming our recommended servings, we believe that it is safe. However, we suggest you consult your doctor for professional advice.

We recommend drinking our Matcha Chai Formula first thing in the morning and our Matcha Ginger and Lemongrass Formula with your lunch or 15 minutes before a physical activity.

We recommend our customers to drink 2-4 servings of Teangle Matcha per day for the best benefits. We recommend drinking your Teangle Matcha twice per day.

Most of our matcha formula’s currently contain 30 servings per bag. Our cooking matcha contains 60 servings. Don’t be fooled by the small size. Our Teangle spoon will give you the exact quantity and because our matcha formula’s are super concentrated, a little goes a long way :). Bigger bags are also on the way.

Our matcha formula’s were created with the intent of being very easy to prepare. No need to use a traditional whisk, that’s old school ! You can simply add the 1-2 Teangle spoon’s to cold or hot water (NOT BOILING) and then mix it or shake it and VOILÀ ! You might be wondering how much water you should be using. The truth is that it doesn’t really matter. Since our product is powder based, the amount of water you use to mix with your powder isn’t important. What matters is that you drink all of the green goodness. Simply, fill your cup or bottle with your favourite liquid and add your Teangle Matcha :).

We recommend storing your Teangle Matcha in a cool area where there is little to no humidity. (The fridge is a great place to store your Teangle Matcha)! Make sure to seal the bags properly after every use to help maintain freshness.

Absolutely ! We have numerous customers that couldn’t believe the difference they felt and saw in the mirror after a couple of weeks of drinking their Teangle Matcha. Make sure to read up on our article “5 reasons why Teangle Matcha is amazing for fat loss” !

Because our products are from Japan, a country that has the lowest limit of pesticides in the world (around 1 mg of pesticides per KG of tea leaves) there’s practically no difference between non-organic and organic matcha. Japan is also known to have the most strictly enforced agriculture laws in the world. We do however recommend consuming organic fruits and vegetables.

No, Teangle Matcha is not a meal replacement. Our products only contain about 3 calories per serving. Make sure to check out our “Ingredient & Nutrition” section on our product pages.

Yes, our products are 100% vegan.

Yes, our products are 100% Gluten-Free. You can see the list of ingredients that we use on our product pages :).

Our matcha is sourced from Uji, a region in Japan where no levels of radiation have ever been detected. The water, soil and air is tested regularly to ensure that the manufacturing practices meet the Japanese Agricultural Standards. It’s important to understand that the Japanese Agriculture Standards have the highest standards across all the other countries . Matcha is a part of the Japanese culture and our manufacturer pride themselves with the quality and purity of their tea. It is important to note that certain companies are selling matcha grown in China and Kenya which have been known to contain high levels of lead due to contaminated soil. These same companies usually sell their matcha product for very cheap and are trying to take advantage of matcha’s well built reputation. That is why we pride ourselves In saying that our product “Is Proudly Made in Japan”.