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Matcha Waiting For? The Story of Teangle

Once upon a time, around three years ago...

There was a young man named Philippe. He was fairly shy, scared of taking risks, and lacked direction. People around him thought he was doing just fine, but he was hiding a secret.

He was stretched WAY too thin.

When you get too depressed, you can get extremely stressed about your inaction and direction. Instead of swimming through life towards his goals, Philippe felt like he was drowning. One day, he hit his limit. Being scared and anxious and without direction was no way to live. Something had to change!

How could he become Zen like a Buddhist monk?

He suddenly remembered reading an article about the happiness that Buddhist monks cultivated and the power of Zen. Nothing seemed to faze those monks! They lived their entire lives in the present moment. They were the complete opposite of the scared guy that he was. He had nothing to lose, so he took the plunge.

Through his research, he discovered Matcha tea!
The study of Zen led Philippe to Japanese culture and Matcha tea, a special green tea used throughout Japan for over 2,000 years. Buddhist monks consumed Matcha to reduce stress and anxiety, clear their minds, and even a meditation tool in tea ceremonies.

This seemed to be just the thing to try!

EVERYTHING started to change after Matcha

But it seemed too good to be true. Could this tea really do the trick? It was definitely worth a shot.

So he ordered some from overseas and started drinking a couple cups a day.

And something wonderful began to happen. His confidence began to soar!

His mood, concentration, and energy levels drastically improved. He fixed his diet, started regularly going to the gym, and even started a small business.

He became obsessed with learning more about Matcha. He was shocked at what he found!

Philippe became obsessed with learning about Matcha tea and its benefits. He knew it was made from green tea, but Matcha felt and tasted different. He studied the research and discovered something rather shocking!

It took 4-10 cups of standard green tea a DAY to get the health benefits. However, because Matcha has 10x the benefits of standard green tea, he was getting all of the benefits in the studies, but only drinking TWO cups of Matcha a day!

He discovered some dirty secrets about Matcha companies

This was a shocking discovery and he wanted to spread the word, but there were two obstacles in the way of acceptance in Canada.

The first was that only a few companies specialized in Matcha, and many of those Matcha’s had a bitter flavor. It was definitely an acquired taste.

The second obstacle was that the more mainstream Matcha tea companies distributed a substandard product. They sourced their products from China, where the Matcha leaves were inferior and had very few nutrients. To compensate for the bitterness, some companies would add sugar or artificial flavors. In short, to make it ‘better,’ they stripped all of the good parts away.

The search for the perfect tea

Philippe was committed to spreading the word about Matcha AND offering the world’s healthiest and tastiest Matcha. That had to start with finding the best Matcha growers. After an arduous worldwide search, he found the perfect place. A Matcha made in heaven, so to speak… of climate, soil, and environment. Uji, a small city near Kyoto in Japan, held the secret to growing fantastic Matcha.

An onerous obstacle!

Philippe had a dream, but no practical experience.  To turn the dream into a reality, he had to share his passion and ideas with the grower and hope for support. He explained the issues that he’d found, how he was going to herbally supercharge the tea (and make it taste fantastic!), and his own experiences with it. The growers were impressed by his passion.

After a lot of back and forth, the company agreed to help Philippe develop a brand new Matcha formula. With a lot of experimentation, the first winning combination was ginger and lemongrass with the barest hint of stevia, a natural sweetener.
And so Teangle was born!

At the end of 2016, the first batch of ginger/lemongrass Matcha was sold. The feedback was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. They raved about how good it made them feel and how good it tasted. Teangle, the new business, had achieved success!

A couple of months later, after reporting to the plantation about how well the tea was received, Philippe was invited to travel to Japan to meet the growers and manufacturers who helped him achieve his goal. He was received warmly, and Philippe found them to be among the nicest people he’d ever met.

It all came down to breaking through those barriers of fear, shyness, introversion, and depression through a couple of cups of Matcha tea a day. We’ve helped thousands of people experience the benefits of Matcha: increased energy, more confidence, less stress, and a better life.

All of this, one cup of Matcha at a time.

Matcha waiting for?