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Have you ever stopped for a moment and said to yourself:

Probably not… But that’s about to change.
We believe that you know what you should be doing to live your best life. But for some reason, there’s always something holding you back. An invisible barrier that stands between you and the door of opportunity.

5 things we know about you:

  • You have dreams that lie dormant inside of you ✨
  • You have everything you need within you to reach your dreams 🙏🏻
  • You are stronger than you think 💪🏻
  • You put other people’s happiness above your own 😓
  • You are always chasing time ⌛️

And our mission is to

Ignite the flame within you!

The Teangle Effect

Benefits you truly deserve

At Teangle, we are committed to spreading the word about Matcha AND offering the world’s healthiest and best-tasting M atcha.
After a year of scouring the globe, we finally found the perfect matcha in a small town in Japan, grown and handpicked in the pristine mountains of Uji.
A matcha made in heaven, so to speak… of climate, soil, and environment.
We work closely with a family farm to ensure that the nutrient content of our Matcha is at its peak of freshness. We only use the purest ingredients in our tea and our main ingredient, Japanese Matcha is jam-packed with nutrients and vitamins waiting to flow through your body and strengthen everything from your energy to the strands of your hair.

We are two dreamers that share a common dream

We want to nourish your mind and body so that you can:

  • Surpass yourself, both professionally and personally
  • Have the courage to pursue your goals and dreams
  • Create new opportunities with hope and enthusiasm

The Teangle Family

A community of like-minded women that support and inspire one another to “Glow From the Inside Out”!
Together, we have the power to bring positive change to the world.



A few years ago, I was in a bad place and wasn’t living life to the fullest.

My stress and anxiety levels were so high that they were stopping me from moving forward; towards my dreams. It felt like I was swimming against the current. There were so many things that I wanted to accomplish, but I was paralyzed by stress; terrified of failing.

I discovered Matcha by chance whilst I was looking for a natural solution to my lack of energy. Passionate about personal development, I read an article about Buddhist monks who have consumed this tea for over a millennium to promote a state of well-being and calm.

What I did not know was that this little discovery was going to give me the clarity and fuel I needed to realize my dream: launching a movement where women are empowered to be their best selves...TEANGLE!

Changes started to appear just a few days after drinking two cups of matcha a day. My confidence started to skyrocket, my mood, concentration and energy improved dramatically.

Matcha is not by any means a miracle product but it gave me the momentum I needed to push past the doubts and the fears that were in my way. I was free from the shackles of self-doubt and running towards my dreams at full speed.

This is a discovery I had to share.

Sister and Partner


Matcha has also made a huge difference in my life.

Like a lot of women, I was in a constant battle of tug a war with my weight (usually on the losing end). From a very young age, I was aware that I weighed more than the average girl…and had a very slow metabolism.

I was extremely self-conscious and believed that I was ‘fat’. Needless to say that my relationship with my body did not improve during my teenage years.

After a painful break up I decided to channel all the pain and heartache I was feeling into sculpting a ‘revenge body’. I was training 2 to 3 hours a day and eating like a bird. I was finally skinny and felt confident and all-powerful. I had the body I had always wanted and for the first time in my life, I didn’t envy the slim barbie figure of my friends. I thought my battle with my weight was behind me.

Unfortunately, a few months after beginning University, due to an unhealthy lifestyle I gained 60 pounds in less than two months!I was devastated. I was at my all-time low, the heaviest weight I have ever been.

All the energy, effort and hours I’d invested were down the drain.

I sat at my heaviest weight, confused, ashamed and questioning if I’d ever be skinny again. At that moment, I said, “enough is enough”. I put on my big girl pants, wiped away the tears, and decided that I was going to start over BUT, this time I would jump on the weight-loss wagon, the smart and healthy way. I embraced a new mindset.

It’s not about getting skinny. It’s about feeling confident. It’s about self-care. It’s about feeling comfortable enough in my skin to strut out my front door with a huge smile.

Two years ago, when my brother was starting Teangle, I began to drink Matcha. It was so easy to prepare (less than 10 seconds) and to incorporate in my daily routine. By drinking two cups a day, without even realizing it, I lost over 20 pounds in two years. I shed the pounds so progressively, that I didn’t even realize I had lost weight until putting both feet on the scale.

I was so excited because for years, despite exercising regularly and eating well, my weight had been at a plateau. Today, I finally have a body that I love, that I have come to love.

And that’s exactly what Teangle wants for you:

To give you the fuel you need to put your best self forward.

Of course, TEANGLE is not a magic solution. It's a superfood that supported the rest of my efforts.

The benefits go beyond weight-loss, I now live a balanced and vibrant life, and feel healthy and confident in my own body.

If you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, or if you’re in a battle against the scale, know that you are not alone and that with constancy and patience, you can reach your goals. Teangle Matcha might just be that little boost you need to get on track!



It’s very simple. Women have always played a very important role in our lives.

At the age of 21, I (Philippe) was living with my mom who was going through a divorce.

One day when I watched her washing dishes in the kitchen, it struck me how much she seemed to have lost her usual spirit and the spark in her eyes.

It moved me to see my mother doing so much for others to the point where she forgot to take care of her own well-being.

That's when I started to observe my environment more closely: many women show the same altruism.

They give, give, give. They put their own needs, desires and dreams second to someone else’s. And that’s why we want to create an environment where you are supported and empowered to become the women you were meant to be.

A world where you are encouraged to reach your full potential.

Take a moment and ask yourself:

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